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rintaun お誕生日おめでとう!いや、ごめん、そんな風に踊れないよ。ゲームもそんなに上手じゃないから、ビデオで我慢しろ。そういえばお前幾つだったっけ・・・


Happy Birthday Crystal! あなたに送るバースデイソングYO!OK?
YUI – Happy Birthday to you you

The 2nd year of the new millennium arrives. For many, it’s simply another year. To a few, it’s our year to make a difference, to broaden our views, and to gain new experience. anikii|studio wishes everyone a Happy New Year. May your reasonable resolutions be attained.

Happy New Year from California, USA! WooHoo!!! I had lots to eat, good wine, and good company.