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Perhaps I have OCD…

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

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Whee~ it’s been a while since we had such an eventful earthquake. While nobody was hurt, there were a lot of very funny reactions from first-timers here at the office.


Nick Pitera

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Wow! Nick Patera sings better than most girls out there! I wish I could manipulate my voice that well too. I dream of becoming a Japanese voice actor, but with family issues in the way I’m not sure how I should go about pursuing that career and the training I need.

That falsetto is amazing! Go Nick!



綾ちゃんの長い髪が好きだったのに、何故切ったんだろう。 今でも可愛いけど、やっぱ長いほうが好みだね。また綾ちゃんと会いたい。またいつ会えるんだろう・・・


Amazon Gadgets


The last gadget that looked really cool to me was probably the Segway. Now comes out with something cool like this Amazon Kindle and I’m really amazed. I have a few friends who really love reading (at least much more than I do) and I wish I could give each of them one of these things but my sales scores haven’t been looking too good so I should probably worry more about myself first.

If you click the link to the left you’ll be able to watch a few videos that show how the Kindle is used and what other cool features it has. I personally would rather have a tablet PC and just read my manga with that, but I think this Kindle would make for an excellent present for bookworms like Immoteus and cutiefarie. Sorry you two… maybe next year.

アメリカの恥Not to brag, but I was a candidate for spelling bee back in middle school (Big F-ing deal). Anyways, while my English is definitely not the best, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

I have always been bothered by the fact a ridiculously large number of Americans struggle with their own language. It makes me wonder if they’re even trying to learn. I’ve always loved learning languages. (Actually I just don’t like embarrassing myself.) I used to try really hard to overachieve… but eventually it became less rewarding and gradually I gave up trying to impress the people around me. Go watch “His and Her Circumstances” and you’ll see me in there. If you’ve watched “karekano” before, you’ll know what I mean. If not, you are behind. Go rent or buy the DVDs NOW! Now that I’ve actually added a link to the left for Vol. 1-5 of the DVDs on I realized they’re actually way cheaper now. I guess I’ll buy it too. =)

私はアメリカに生まれの中国人。もちろん中国語は母語� けど、アメリカに育てた私に’英語より得意の言語はないでしょう。それに、私は一応ある有名なファンサブ組の編集者。いや、シルフすまない・・・すぐあれを編集するから、怒らないで。

友達は一番似てるアニメキャラは誰ってよく考えてる。私は多分彼氏彼女の事情の宮沢雪野に似てると思う。家に居る時は� らしない。学� �に居る時は華麗な憧れたアイドル。まあ、かれかのを見たらわかるよ。

winxp I help my friends, parents, coworkers with their computer trouble/questions all the time. I’m glad the majority of my friends are very proficient googlers and can find their own way out. I’m proud of my parents for at least knowing how to check their e-mail and read news online – my dad even bids for stuff online. My coworkers are all great people, but using Excel’s built-in file browser to find Word documents or PDF files and such is really a habit they need to break. I do partially blame our IT guy for not training us properly. Recently a coworker (and a great friend) experienced the "grind of death" and has been busy recovering from her tragic loss. We only get 50MB quota on the NAS for whatever files we wish to keep safe. However, we were all told to keep the majority of our files locally on C. Good thing I secretly installed Mozy on my workstation and feel a bit safer than my fellow coworkers.

This picture I randomly caught on IRC reminded me of the old cup holder joke. "I guess since the cup holder is obviously not where a CD belongs, I’ll just try feeding my resource hungry computer through the only mouth visible." Genius. Wish I thought of that when I was frustrated with my Windows XP.

homeboynytesytes467aceSo Angelus linked me with this picture and I thought it was hilarious. I see gangsters shooting like this in movies all the time, but when I went shooting at the range it was actually pretty hard to aim with the gun sideways. I suppose if you just want to spray the place for cover rather than actually taking down the people chasing you, it’d be plenty. After taking a few of my friends shooting I think most people would piss their pants just hearing that many gunshots going off around them.

Seems I don’t write enough so I’ll take this chance to get back into blogging. っていうか・・・悩み事があるからまた書くつもりです。