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Epic win.


I’ve seen a lot of im@s videos before, but none have been this awesome.

These are way too funny! The green one is "Pu-chin" (プーチン) and the red one is "Kirenenko" (キレネンコ).

Pu-chin is silly and cute and gets picked on by everyone, but when you put a wrench in his hands he can fix anything! Kirenenko is a superman who can withstand almost all attacks like bullets, grenades, cannon fire…

You can watch the episodes on their web site @ and on a variety of web sites like nicovideo and YouTube.

Here are some videos of Usavich on nicovideo.


You can also watch it on YouTube.

Krunkie linked this video for us in IRC and suddenly I found my mouth gaping wide open in awe. I’ve certainly had my fair share of playing with glasses at restaurants or club functions and I sure have tried with more than 1 cup to create some notes, but never have I thought of going this far with it.

Julia linked me this awesome song: