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Jojo: man imma sleep
Jay: k good night
Jojo: close my door shut the blinds LOL
Jay : lol
Jay : conf room upstairs
Jojo: haha
Jay : no meetings today so you’ll be fine lol
Jojo: nah too hot there
Jay : conf room downstairs! =D
Jay : hide under the table
Jojo: lol
Jojo: hell RESTROOM!
Jay : lmao
Jay : i can’t sleep sitting
Jay : i gotta lie down
Jojo: who said anything about sitting LOL
Jay : D:
Jojo: that’s nasty man
Jojo: imma use two camera stands
Jojo: take off my shoes and pants
Jay : LOL
Jojo: leave it there and go out to my car and sleep LOL
Jay : lmfao

JY: Shit I can’t do my stuff with the computer freezing
JT: it’s like your computer was cancerous with all the junk that paul and julian put in
JT: and then you operated on it…
JT: and took out all the cancer
JT: now it’s dying from blood loss
JT: and organ failure
JY: Lol
JT: time to put it to sleep and cast a revive spell (aka reinstall) =p

Shut Up


*L sneezes.
J: Bless you.
*L sneezes.
S: Bless you.
*L sneezes.
S: Jeez, shut up! You’re gonna get me sick again!

I’ve been with this company for the last 8 months. Even though 2007’s 3rd quarter didn’t really count for me because I was still new and in probation, I still consider it my first quarter. We have a quarterly quota which is currently determined by using the average of 2006 and 2007 quarterly average for each respective quarter. In the previous 7 months I had never reached my quota and I’ve been quite bummed about it.

Today is 1/31/08 – month’s end – and for the first time ever at this company I’ve actually reached my quota! I’m so excited =)