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rintaun お誕生日おめでとう!いや、ごめん、そんな風に踊れないよ。ゲームもそんなに上手じゃないから、ビデオで我慢しろ。そういえばお前幾つだったっけ・・・

Krunkie linked this video for us in IRC and suddenly I found my mouth gaping wide open in awe. I’ve certainly had my fair share of playing with glasses at restaurants or club functions and I sure have tried with more than 1 cup to create some notes, but never have I thought of going this far with it.

A farmer had 3 beautiful daughters who were getting ready to go out on dates. The first beau came to the door and said, ”I’m Eddie, I’m here to pick up Betty. We’re going for spaghetti, is she ready?”

"No," the farmer said.

The second beau came to the door and said, ”I’m Joe, I’m here to pick up Flo to take her to the show. Is she ready to go?”

"No," the farmer said.

The third beau came to the door and said to the farmer. ”Hello, my name is Chuck.”

The farmer shot Chuck.


GD-01 GD-02GD-04

snapshot20080209220143 Ah the memories… I used to play with mini yonku too. Those little AWD cars that run in tracks with walls. I should still have my baby somewhere. I started with the stock engine (25,000rpm motor) and plastic stock frame. I first upgraded the frame with new wider aluminum frames which would support new guide wheels too. You can’t see the guide wheels in this scene with Ayasaki Hayate and "Mysterious Butler #3" but trust me the guide wheels are needed–they basically control steering of the car. The guide wheels are on the four outer corners of the car (usually mounted on the bumpers) and would roll along the walls of the track. After putting in the new frame I put in ball bearing polycarbonate guide wheels. This was when I started actually racing in public and noticed my stock tires weren’t capable of handling hills, so I upgraded my axle bushings to ball bearing bushings and upgraded my tires to super soft sponge tires and aluminum wheels which really did the trick for those hills.

So after all this I’ve already spent about $30 upgrading my little rice rocket. I now needed a better engine. I saw a 100,000rpm motor selling for $50 but that was way too expensive for me at the time (I was only 14 or so). I then asked my friend’s dad to help me make my own. We spent a few days coiling copper wire around magnets and finally created a motor that did approximately 100,000rpm. Hurray! Banzai! Time cost was definitely way more expensive than paying the $50, but we had fun. We actually made 3 of them: 1 for me and each of my friends who raced with me. With this baby I was able to whoop everyone in the area!

I miss the good old days when I had no realistic worries. 幼年時代に戻りたい!

As usual something caught my eye in an episode of Hayate no Gotoku. This time it happens to be stuffed animals from Moetan. Amazingly all these showed up in the same episode 31.

snapshot20080209213422 snapshot20080209214530


Of course we can’t go without some Märchen Awakens Romance.



Julia linked me this awesome song:

Lyrics: KOTOKO
Music: Takase Kazuya
Arrangement: Nakazawa Tomoyuki / Iuchi Maiko
Vocal: Utatsuki Kaori

waratte runrunrun♪
rara runrun ruru♪
naita hi mo sawagu kaze ni yureru egao
kokoro hareteku
kyou mo runrunrun♪
mawarun run ruru♪
taiyou no shita de kimi to odoru kimagure na DANSU

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After watching Hayate no Gotoku 27 I noticed new opening and ending theme songs. The opening didn’t particularly catch my attention but the ending song is just way too cute so I decided to put up lyrics and a direct download for it. You can hear a preview of the song or download the full version if you have access to it.